imageThe hills and valleys are the biggest mysteries on Earth. Since our childhood, we have heard many legends about scared mountain peaks and how our ancestrals worship them. But, life is not all imagining of legends and believing mysteries. It is about to explore and discover the mysteries.

Hiking or Hill Walking is for ones who have the thirsty of exploring and discovering. It is a challenge which challenges your limits. And it is a passion for the ones who are crazy enough to accept the challenge.

Many of us dream to live in a little house on a mountain top. Or we love to have camping in a misty hill. We are trying to adopt the pace of nature and seeking for feel its secret patience. Still are you dreaming to have that wilderness life? Nature... of course it is the great meditation. In every walk with nature one receives more than he desires. The nature calls us to explore and discover its wonder.

Life is not travel where destiny brings you. But challenge your destiny and travel where your dreams lead you. Only one who wonders find a new path. Hiking, is for creating new paths, new desires and new ambitions. Hiking is a life therapy. The more you hike, it will be your fashion and the more you explore, it becomes your passion.

Live an adventure life. Learn as much that you can. And search as much that you will never get tired of. The Mora Hiking Club is for lead you to find new paths. To become a passionate hiker, join hands with Mora Hiking Club.