To the summit of the “Bambarakanda” Falls

All of us have dreams. We try our best to achieve them. When the dreams are strong and collective, a passion is created. Some have passion for travelling. Even you do not like much to travel, if you got into a bunch of travelers unknowingly, you do have to travel. And by any chance you start travelling, you will start loving it. “Hikes” are difficult, takes much time, but the end is refreshing and unforgettable. And an everlasting memorable experience for a nature enthusiastic.

The idea to visit “Bambarakanda” Falls was given by a frequent traveler among our bunch of friends when we were studying for exams and soon after the exams the preparations began. A date to travel, how to, and where to stay. All these were taken care. And the three-day trip included many other places that could be covered around the time.

The journey began at the Fort station and the destination was “Bandarawela” which took more than ten hours. The climate change from warmth to cold, sleepiness, the humming of songs, chatter and girls giggling filled the ten hours.

So, where does “Bambarakanda” Falls is?

Bambarakanda Falls, the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka is in the Kalupahana Central Highlands,Badulla District. It is 263meters in height. The horsetail waterfall is feeded by “Kuda Oya”, a branch of Walawe river.

Back to Bandarawela Station

After getting down from Bandarwela station we moved to Kaluphana area by a private vehicle. The waterfall is in the middle of a pine tree forest. So, we started walking through the footpaths. The air was so cool, and the surrounding were damp. The steep mountain range made us halt for so often to rest.

After about fifteen minutes we reached to the middle of the waterfall. There was a pool of water gathered and the water was crystal clear as no one bathed there. Visitors could bathe in the waterfall at the foot of the mountain. The journey would be less time consuming for frequent travelers but was not for us.

Descending further with the view of the elegant Bambarakanda waterfall view intact, we started the trail again. The mountain was abruptly steep and slippery, and the footpaths were so narrow. We had to line up and walk. After around twenty minutes we could reach further the waterfall. The view was picturesque, and the dashing of water was heard all the way. The breathtaking view let us hang around and have some photos.

Once that finished off, the trekking to the summit commenced. Finally, after about one hour we all could reach the summit of the waterfall. Big things happen when small things combine. So, we could see the small water lines flowing and forming the cascade of water falling like a veil of a bride. The splashing water droplets were shining with the dancing sunrays on them. The smell of freshwater purified the soul of everyone. Anyone would love to spend hours and hours staring at the amazing surrounding but as we had to get down before getting dark after about thirty minutes, we set of to Lanka Ella which was on the same way.

Created : Jun 1, 2020 02:39pm
Last updated : May 27, 2024 12:30pm