Trekking Ella on Soles

Hi Guys, it's me Salomon. Salomon Jr is my twin brother.Our life has always been about living with no excuses and travelling with no regrets.We have trekked unknown lands , seen the best of nature, experienced sensational moments and gathered enough memories for more than our life time.All thanks to our hiking partner Steve.

Now, I am laying with my twin in the living room - we just arrived two days ago from a charming trekking in the Kitugala Forest Reserve.It was indeed going into my list of the best hikes of my life. It was a fascinating experience walking through the lush green forestry as we were enchanted by the exquisite scenic beauty and array of colorful fish streaming their way through the crystal clear waters.

This hike evoked the most treasured memory of my first hike and I really want to share those with someone right now. I would have told my little twin, but he has been through this adventure with me. Anyway what is the fun in telling someone who already knows it.So I decided to share it with you before the cobbler pulls my tongue out.

Well , it all started with Steve. It was he who pulled me and my twin off the shelves of Shoe Kingdom, a famous footwear shop in Kandy.He dropped us on to the floor and stuck his stinky feet into us. We realized we were doomed for life.Soon they packed us and sent us with Steve, we felt like we were walking to our death, and we had just started our lives.

The next morning Steve pulled us out of the bag and laid us on the floor.He was totally geared up, wearing a huge backpack, blue jacket and everything.Once again he stuck his feet into us, surprisingly it was soft and most importantly clean. Slowly we walked out of his house and came across a few friends.There was NorthFace, Saucony, Merrell and Ultra - really cool guys.And so our first journey started.

Steve was talking about going on something called hiking and I had no idea what it was then. We got into a bus and got down at a place which read Ella - a beautiful town indeed.Then we walked into a place called the station. Steve and his friends got off the platform and started walking along metal rails crossed with wooden planks. Just then I noticed a board shout out “NO ENTRY”. Immediately I knew we were going in the wrong direction but Steve kept going. Me and my brother soon realized that Steve must be some kind of Psychopath. We kept walking for miles, some passers by warned us that we were going in the wrong direction, but no one could stop the ALL KNOWING Steve. One big headed Scumbug I would say.

However, as we were moving forward, I felt a cool breeze whisking pass me.It was so sensational that it was when I tried to turn and talk to my brother I noticed it. Either sides of our path were backed up by a rich green setting so appealing that it became my favourite kind of green. As we walked further, I saw tall rocks covered with plush vegetations. Steve and his friends took a turn at a hairpin bend. Then we came across a bridge with cool water winding its way under it. We crossed it and kept walking and I felt a weird feeling creeping under my soles.Something smashy and just then Steve lifted me up and stepped aside.My face was covered with some kind of smelly mess.Oh My God STEVE, I was covered with some kind animal waste. My twin was laughing tears out, I was going to kill Steve. Luckily there was a small water source and Steve washed me clean.

Phew !!! now that I could see clearly, I was awed by what I saw. A bewitching sight indeed, the land was carpeted with lavish green plantations called tea. The air felt so clean and relaxing. As we walked upwards , each and every step left me speechless- such was the mesmerizing view.My brother was just as amazed as me. Along the way we noticed some rocks with blue pointed arrows and Steve kept following them. Then we entered another terrain of huge tall trees- Eucalpyptus. Steve and his friends took a small break. I turned to my twin, he was staring up, I looked up following his gaze.Whoa!! This was getting better. The tall landscape of trees was reaching out to an ocean of blue sky. I couldn’t take my eyes off for some time.Then Steve got up to move and I landed on something crispy.OH NOT AGAIN STEVE, don’t you dare ruin this for me. As I turned to look I realised they were yellow crispy the leaves, the floor was dotted with these stuff, an impeccable sight indeed.

It was almost midday, eventually the path sloped further upwards.I didn’t feel the time passing for the views you see along would capture your attention showing off their beauty. Soon we were reaching a clearing , I could see giant caps of bluish green mountains. Finally behold, we arrived at our destination.All the views so far were nothing compared to what I saw now.I wished for that moment for Steve to put me on his head, maybe as a punishment for ruining my beautiful soles in that messy dirt. Luckily, Steve removed me and my brother and left us at a glamourous viewpoint on the rock to have lunch.

We were left there for hours.We had a stunning view of the countryside, an absolutely jaw-dropping view indeed.I could have spent my whole life just taking in the view.But then it was time to go.I felt a sharp pain in my heart(if it was there), as we moved away, I felt like I was losing a part of myself.It was a very painful feeling, I was so sad. I just didn’t want to go back.However we were treading back down the slope.We were walking for a few hours, but I was so lost in my sorrow, I hardly noticed where we were heading. It was the sound of my brother exclaiming that woke me from my reverie. OH STEVE, I LOVE YOU BOY. We were standing amongst the tea plantation staring right ahead into one of the most magnificent architectures. It was a stone train bridge standing proudly with a base of nicely carved nine arches.It was an iconic splendor in deed. Unfortunately we were unable to go there due to the lack of time, so we headed back home.

And so our wonderful journey ended, but not our memories.They are timeless treasures we have collected to relive our experiences.I am really looking forward to more of such adventures.If you have never hiked, you are missing a lifetime of experience, so hurry up before it is too late.

Not to forget, Steve is still that slobby slimeball, doesn’t even clean us after returning from our treks.Yet he makes up for his behaviour taking us on wonderful adventures.So he is a nice lad after all.

Created : Jun 1, 2020 02:08pm
Last updated : Jun 13, 2024 07:13am